Sunday, April 16, 2017

Our first aid kit

I’ve always liked first aid kits, ever since I was a kid. I remember putting together first aid kits for my family when I was very young based on lists I would find somewhere, even though I had very little clue how to use one. Fast forward to a couple years ago, as we were preparing to come to Tanzania. We took a 9-day medical class in Dallas, which I loved, and which I felt prepared us not only for knowing what supplies to have on hand, but how to use them. So I delightedly put together an African medical kit. It felt like the awakening of a childhood dream!

Fast forward to several weeks ago, when I had a motorcycle accident on an overnight trip in the mountains here in Tanzania with some friends. Fortunately my injuries were not severe, but treating them got me thinking more about what I would do in the advent of a very serious injury. I resolved to do more research, beef up my kit a little, and learn better how to use everything in the kit.

I ordered a high quality pack to contain my first aid kit, and made sure it was large enough to provide treatment for multiple people. It will accompany us on car and motorcycle rides. Check out my video below if you’d like to know what it looks like and see what’s in it. It’s not meant to be a detailed recommendation of what needs to be in such a kit (there are plenty of videos and websites for that by more qualified people) but rather an overview of what’s in mine.

That child who was inexplicably drawn to first aid kits at an early age would be so proud of his adult self!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

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