Friday, February 19, 2016

Some pictures from our travels ... and we're back in Seattle!

Feb. 2, 2016:

If you get our newsletters, you heard about our recent travels to Minnesota and Ontario, and back again to Seattle! (We're getting good at travelling and packing hehe)

We loved Christmas in Minnesota (even though we didn't get very much snow)! We celebrated James' birthday with the Walden family too. We were so grateful for time spent with them.

Celebrating James' birthday with homemade blackberry pie

Then we took the Megabus from MN to Detroit (that was an exciting experience! and we made our connections by several miracles). We celebrated my mom's birthday and New Year's with my ever-growing family. See the picture below .. we sure fill up our living room!

New Year's Eve with the Szmiett family side
I was excited to show James around my former home, church, and alma mater in Ottawa, Ontario. However, I realized he doesn't know some important Canadian history so I've since got a book to fill him in :)

Chilling (literally) in Ottawa

Having fun around Parliament Hill

James also got to experience two other important Canadian experiences ... his first hockey game and Roll up the Rim! (For you Americans, it's a contest at Tim Hortons). James won 2 for 2!

It's been a good couple months. Please keep praying for us as we continue to support-raise and prepare to move to Tanzania.

Love from Jenneka


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