Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Phoenix Air Show: Top 5 photos

May 10, 2016:

The Phoenix Air Show happened to be happening on the same weekend Jenneka and I were in Phoenix visiting our friends Ben and Joanne.  I always loved air shows, having grown up in Yakima, WA, back when there was an annual air show with the Navy's Blue Angels visiting.  In Phoenix here we got to see the Air Force Thunderbirds.  Below are five of my favorites of the photos.  To see the rest of the set on Flickr, go here.

It was difficult to take satisfying photos of the planes on display, because of the great hordes of people, who liked to take shelter under the wings (sounds very biblical!).  These are the tail fins of an F-15 Eagle, which was my favorite plane when I was a kid.
My dad used to fly an F-4 Phantom, which is one of the coolest jets of all time.  I had to get a picture with one.
We were dazzled by the USAF Thunderbirds, who fly F-16s
This pilot was flying horizontally, even though the plane is angled up.  It was amazing skill!
The B-17 Flying Fortress "Sentimental Journey" with a Thunderbirds flyby.

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  1. That was an awesome day. So many great pics, too. JJJ would put them on the front page for sure!!


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